Alquiler deshumidificador Luigi Nader yard 2022

Alquiler deshumidificador Luigi Nader yard 2022


Alquiler deshumidificador Luigi Nader yard 2022

The professional dehumidifiers of the YARD series are refrigeration circuit units that, introduced into the room to be dehumidified, recirculate the air gradually lowering humidity to the desired value. Decreasing the humidity of the air gradually subtracts moisture also from the walls and all the materials contained in the room. All machines operate with ecological cold gases, according to the latest European regulations.

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Datos técnicos

The NADER YARD PRO, with its very high dehumidification capacity of 80 L/24h, is dedicated to the most demanding situations and where rapid dehumidifying action is required without compromise. Power and efficiency combined with easy transportability, overlay and ease of use.

Due to its very high dehumidification capacity, this model has no collection tank, but a practical attachment for the direct discharge pipe of condensed water, placed laterally to the machine and at a height of 35 cm from the ground.





The bodywork is entirely made of painted galvanized sheet metal: the robustness of the metal and the high temperature powder coating make these machines suitable for the heaviest uses. The frame, also made of galvanized steel, gives the machines quality and robustness over time. The exclusive design has been designed to optimize mobility: the large diameter wheels allow easy movement even on rough terrain of construction sites, the exclusive retractable handle can be easily folded reducing the space of the machine indispensable for those who have to continuously move the dehumidifier with the car or van from place to place. Note that the YARD PRO, due to its size, it is NOT stackable like the other YARD series models.


All the machines have been carefully studied and tested, the individual components that make up the heart of the dehumidifier, have been selected to work efficiently and lastingly. The use of rotary compressors has allowed to reduce consumption and optimize performance, hot gas defrosting allows the dehumidifier to operate up to +2°C.


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